Custom Training

National Trench Safety's custom training program is an industry leader. Our custom training program is designed to fit the needs of our customers, where routinely scheduled branch classes may not.


Custom training classes can be scheduled around your projects and schedule. We will provide classes any day of the week, including weekends and we look forward to customizing a class for you.


While our standard course offerings are designed to cover the subject matter in an in-depth fashion, the nature of a custom class allows it to be tailored to your needs while also meeting the requirements for certificate issuing courses. Our training instructors can incorporate your company's procedures and standard practices into the course outline to make the content more relevant for employees. The instructors can also emphasize topics of importance to your company as necessary during the training program. Courses can also be integrated to provide a mix of content where possible as well.

Classroom Experience

Our courses are designed to be interactive and informative. Our safety instructors are industry veterans with years of practical, field experience in the courses taught. This experience of our instructors and interactive nature of classes increase the likelihood of attendees gaining insightful, useful information. Our instructors don't simply teach from the standards, our instructors have the experience to be able to relate and interpret the standard as it relates to common jobsite tasks that your crews may face, as well as to answer questions that they may have.

To find out more about our custom training programs, please reach out to one of our training instructors at (832) 200-0988.