How often does someone need to attend an Excavation Safety Competent Person class?

OSHA does not say how often someone needs to attend this training. OSHA does indicate that in order to perform the duties of a Competent Person, an individual must be trained and knowledgeable in the subjects of Soils, Protective Systems, and in the Requirements of the Excavation Standard. It is up to the employer to determine the employee's capabilities and to designate trained and knowledgeable persons.

How long does the typical Competent Person class take?

The length of a particular class is not necessarily consistent due to variables such as the number and length of breaks and lunch time, the number of questions asked during the class and the amount of discussion time an instructor may give to certain topics. To cover all of the topics an approximate length of a class could range from 7 to 8 hours.

Who all needs to attend an Excavation Safety Competent Person class?

The employer must designate a competent person to oversee the safety of employees in and around the excavation. That individual must have had been trained in soils, protective systems, and in the requirements of the Excavation Standard. Additionally, it is a good idea that any other employee involved in excavation work be informed of the hazards and how to work safely. Many individuals who attend competent person training are not necessarily going to be designated as the competent person, but they are trained in order to have an increased awareness of the hazards.

Can there be more than one Competent Person?

Someone on the job needs to be authorized to take prompt corrective measures to alleviate any hazardous situations and must also have the authority to remove employees from any exposure to hazards. Having more than one individual who is trained and ready to take over the Competent Person responsibilities provides greater flexibility should someone need to leave a job site.

When are Excavation Safety classes scheduled?

Open classes are scheduled on a regular basis around the United States. Contact the nearest NTS branch location for the next available class in the area. Classes are also scheduled on an "as needed" basis and a private class can be scheduled for your organization, customized to meet your needs.

Why should our organization choose NTS for our Excavation Safety training?

NTS instructors are among the most knowledgeable in the business. They know what to teach and how to teach it so that the knowledge and skills that are learned in the classroom can be transferred to the field.

Several years ago our company held a Competent Person class. Do we need to sit through the entire class again, or is there an abbreviated class offered?

Some individuals are just fine by taking "Refresher Training". However, due to the amount of safety information the competent person needs to retain, the complexity of certain aspects of excavation safety, and the possibility that laws could change, if there is any doubt at all the competent person would most likely get the most benefit from a full training day. One test would be to ask the individual specific questions about topics such as soil classification, protective systems and the requirements of the standard. Or, have the competent person go through a checklist item by item, addressing how each would be handled and evaluate from that whether or not a full day of training is warranted.